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Winchester 1894's - got sum questions

Hi Guys and Gals. I know I don't post often, but I research and read a lot on here. In fact, I rely on the firing line for much of my firearm related knowledge. That being said, I have some questions regarding two Winchester 1894 rifles. These belong to a dear friend and he's contemplating what to do with them.

Here's what we know:
The first one is a 5-digit (15,xxx) serial number (manuf. likely 1896) and has a full-length magazine tube and a curved stock back plate. This example is blued and is in "good" shape.

The second is slightly newer (manuf. 1904) and in "fair" shape with more patina and some surface rusting. It features a shorter magazine and has a half octagonal, half round barrel.

I'm trying to help him figure out if he should keep these, or sell these. They both belonged to his father and were shot some.

• How much are they likely worth?
• How should he care for them, should he decide to keep them?
• If he decides to sell, what's the best venue for something like this?

Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate any response.
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