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"We got kicked in all 7 knees with our 30/40 crag, and to think; we could have had a Mauser."

Yeah, pity how the US lost the Spanish American War because the Spanish troops had Mausers...

While MOST US troops in the combat zone had.... Trapdoor Springfield rifles.

Yet, somehow, it was the (sic) Crag's (sic) fault.

Realism's time, for Christ's sake...

In all of the cases that allegedly showed the combat superiority of the clip-fed Mauser rifle, British and US troops were assaulting Boer/Spanish forces across OPEN ground against troops that were dug in or otherwise under cover.

Anyone really think that a Mauser in the hands of the British or Americans at that time would have made that much of a difference?

Additionally, both US and British practice at the time was to hold the magazine in reserve and load and fire single shot. The US Mills cartridge belt, used for both .45-70 and .30-40 ammunition issue, is a pretty good indicator of that practice.

What use is the fast loading magazine on a rifle if you're not using the magazine as your primary mode of fire?

Not a lot.

Apparently the Americans didn't learn a whole hell of a lot from their epiphany that the Mauser clip fed was the best thing since (the not yet invented) sliced bread because the 1903 KEPT the magazine cutoff, and the military kept teaching troops about single loading fire with the magazine as the reserve.

Regarding the British, they kept the magazine cutoff on the Lee-Enfield (until WW I demand finally saw them drop it), but they also adopted charger loading in the early 1900s, and retrofitted some earlier Lee-Enfield and Lee-Metford rifles.
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