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You need to look up the properties of steel . Beat on a piece of steel with a big hammer for a while and then say it does not compress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I brought up the topic of 'GLUPE MAKERS' several times in the past; it seems we do not have any old sailors among us, it has been my experience when it comes to anything mechanical sailors are a source of good information.

A fluid flows, water is a fluid, water flows but water can not be compressed. And then there was 'Caine Mutiny'.

And I said I did not like the 303 with the rear locking lugs; I did not say the bolt compressed. I said the bolt humped. During the 'NEIGHBOR WARS' in South Africa the British got the worst of it from the neighbors because they were using the Mauser.

Kipling and Doyle were in South Africa at the same time, they knew what the problem was and they knew the British were not going to fix the problem so they returned to England with a plan.

If the British was not going to fix the rifle the British soldiers had to be taught how to shoot so Kipling and Doyle started a marksmanship program. And sure enough the British went into the next war with the '303' and the next war...

And then? they started in about 1905 with a 284? that looked a little like the Ross. Dupont went across the pond to get some ideals about smokeless powder, he returned to the USA with what he went over there to get. All the British had to do is go across the pond and bring the powder back.

They didn't, they continued to use the same powder, the mistake caused cookoff with the 284. They gave up and kept the 303 round and rifle. And then came the P13, and then the P14 and from that came the M1917. And for that I am thankful.

Roy Dunlap said something like, "The Eddystone is like a box of candy, you never know what you are getting". That was before the Internet and he was giving smiths advise on what surplus rifle to purchase when building a custom rifle. He suggested the Remington m1917 or the Winchester M1917.

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