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No, you're not stupid at all and I'm more than willing to help. I have just made enough mistakes building rifles, so I'm always willing to share my experience if it will help. Here is what I would recommend that you choose a gunsmith first.

The reason I say get a gunsmith first is think of him as your guide. Tell them your budget, physical limitations, your desired rifle weight, and what positions you'll mainly be shooting from and they can help you pick the best parts to get you the desired results. Also if you'll mainly be shooting from a ground blind you may not want a 26" barreled .340 WBY MAG, as it may be too long to manuver well inside the blind.

Remember barrel and stock are the easiest way to control your rifles weight and balance. There isnt much you can do to change the weight of the reciever especially if you're wanting a heavy rifle. Just look at a few barrle makers web sites, a lot will give you a ball park weight of a specific contour.

Good luck and if you have questions dont hesitate to ask.
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