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Good grief, what a parts collection!

Just a few thoughts:
* The famous Winchester Proof (WP inside an oval) proof mark was not used until late 1897 or early 1898 (one on the barrel, one on top of the front receiver ring). Yours is missing the proof marks.
* The Winchester 1894 roll mark on the tang was discontinued about 1927.
* The integral front sight slot on the barrel has been removed (probably damaged at some point) and been replaced by a dovetailed sight.
* The serial number has been removed. I have heard of Winchesters without factory serial numbers, but have also seen forensic types raise serial numbers from unmarked Winchesters. The folks at Winchester were pretty meticulous about some things, serializing being one of those things. But who knows?
* The rear sight has been replaced by the rear sight from a Winchester Model 1903 semi-automatic. Even 120 years ago, not everyone liked buck-horn rear sights.
* The carbine butt stock has been replaced by a modified rifle butt stock, probably due to damage to the original (falling down or horses rolling over was a common cause of damage).
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