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Looking for info on my less than elegant 1894

Anyone want to take a stab at the age of this thing. It's been "rode hard and put away wet" as they say. The bore is not in great shape and I'm not even sure if it's salvageable yet. Time will tell.

It's a got a saddle ring mount (ring is gone) and is stamped as "Model 1894" rather than "Model 94" so that answers a couple of questions. I've looked in all the obvious spots for a serial number and the only number I can find is just ahead of the trigger which isn't a place I've ever heard of for a meaningful number. My guess is that the "67" is just an inspection stamp.
I'm not sure if all the parts are original and someone has got a bit creative with the front sight and band arrangement. The rear sight is also not original. I'm hoping that the location and contents of some of the factory stamps might help point to a manufacturing date.

It looks like someone blinged it up at some point and the tack spikes are still in the forend. The hole in the stock was said to be for a lanyard rope. In the state it's in I don't think it has any real value but it will fit just nice behind the cabin door.

An interesting old beast but it will be a bit of time before she breathes fire again.

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