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My last three traffic stops have gone without incident, warnings only. As mentioned my hands at 11& 1 on the steering wheel, seatbelt stays fastened. When asked to produce Lic, Reg and Ins I tell them lic is in front left pocket, Reg and insurance in glove box. No I do not store weapons in glove box. Unless asked I do not offer the fact that I have a CCW. The phrases 'yes sir', 'no officer'. etc goes along way in my experience.

Maybe I need to review my state laws on whether I need to offer the information in a common traffic stop.
Yes depending on the state there may be a duty to inform. Also in some states they know before then get to the car that the owner of the car has a permit. I lived in VA at one time and I believe that your lic shows you have a concealed carry permit. I was told by an officer that when they run the plate they show the registered owner and they can then see your permit. In VA they definitely know you have a permit after presenting your lic. I was pulled over once when I was not carrying and the officer returned with my ticket and asked if I was carrying or if there was a concealed handgun in the car that she should be aware of. I answered no.

In my current state KY there is no duty to inform but I still do because if you don't and the officer sees the gun while I am removing my wallet it could end very poorly for me. Surprising an officer during a traffic stop is not something I am looking to do.
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