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You know guys, arguing about the usefulness of timers can be distracting from putting some priorities into perspective.

Timers can help determine winners of sporting competitions. (As can accuracy. )

I look at it this way ...

Timers on drill/qual ranges can be used to help set performance standards. Teaching and assessment tools.

Now, let's think about it another way.

If I "time" an expected and desirable response by someone being trained in the martial arts ... let's say, performing a basic block and punch, or a counter punch ... how does that in any way tell me how well the person is going to "perform" under actual fighting conditions? How fast is the "attacker" going to be? Is the student's response even going to be appropriate within the given situation? Will the student accurately & effectively place their defensive blow? Does the student have the will to try and use their skills when it's for real?

Timers are fine, as teaching & assessment tools ... and for competition ... but it might not be prudent to limit our understanding of what their use means when it comes to all aspects of training for defensive application of martial skills and tactics.

Put simply, beating the clock isn't the same thing as beating an opponent.

Habits? Pretty much just a pattern of behavior that's become practiced and followed until it's done more or less as an involuntary action.

Whether or not it's appropriate is another issue.

Whether or not it's effectively employed ... and yes, meaning in time ... is something else.

Context and Relevance.

Subsets of mindset & skillset, don't you think?
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