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Ave of escape....

In my area, the local cops & prosecutors called it; ave of escape.

Prior to the "stand your ground" & "castle doctrine" statues in the mid 2000s, you(the "victim") had a legal responsibility to find-use a ave of escape to flee/run away. If there is no other recourse or action to avoid lethal force, then you can defend yourself.
This legal mumbo-jumbo & mindset was flawed for a # of reasons. Armed citizens or license holders aren't mind-readers or social workers. They can't always predict what a violent thug or crook is going to do.
If a ave of escape presented itself & you could guarantee your safety 100% of the time, then it'd work. Those conditions are nearly impossible in real world lethal force events.
Stand your ground or Castle Doctrine laws make much more sense because your not beholden to a aggressive criminal or their actions-behavior.
You can deploy lethal force & face a formal hearing/trial. Some prosecutors(DAs & State Attys) decide to not even charge armed citizens if the evidence(or media coverage ) favors the gun owner.
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