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I carry a 1911 style handgun as a primary duty gun. Some of these facts have already been posted, but I'll reiterate:

1. It is not the compression of the springs that weakens them, it is the constant loading and unloading. Yes, I do carry five loaded 8 round magazines on my duty belt. When I got the magazines, I changed the factory springs with Wolff +5% springs, loaded them and left them alone. I do change the springs annually. Absolutely no problems.

2. There are two people that you should talk to about the legal aspect of shooting in self defense. The first is your local prosecutor. If the worst should happen, you will be seeing him or her once, at a grand jury--hopefully not twice, during the criminal trial. The second is your personal attorney, to discuss the tort that will follow from the relatives of the person who got shot.

3. Be aware that the person who confronts you--and is likely to be the one that gets shot--will ALWAYS be in the process of "turning their life around", "could not hurt a fly", "is a kind and funny guy", et cetera, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. In other words, public opinion may not be on your side.

4. Not only addressed to you, but to others as well: Be well advised that a shot person is NOT a quiet person. Their speech is normally not well ordered, and they don't just lay there. And it's never clean.

However, if you make the conscious decision to arm yourself for the protection of yourself and your family, good for you. That's one of the things we do as the heads of our households--the "leader of the pack". And note I did not mention "men"--women are just as capable. (Don't think so? Try playing with a bear cub anywhere around momma. )

I believe the .45 ACP cartridge to be the ultimate defensive cartridge--and the 1911 to be the quintessential defensive handgun. If I could not have a 1911, I'd go for a Model 625 Smith and Wesson (pre-sidelock, thank you) with a number of moon clips loaded with 230 grain Hydra Shok.
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