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A 1911 is fine for home defense or carry. I have carried one since Dec. 1969. I carry 7 in the mag ,1 in the pipe cocked and locked, 2 mags in a carrier that stay with 7 rounds each. I hope and pray that the only thing I ever shoot at is targets. Which rounds you carry in it is yours to decide, how you treat your mags again up to you. Learn the laws in your state, practice, practice, practice then practice some more. Finally if you ever do have to defend yourself learn these 3 quotes 1 I was in fear for my life, 2 I stopped the threat 3 I want to talk to a lawyer. This is the time to shut up till you can calm down and think straight before making any statement that gets you into more trouble because you misspoke. Having to take a life is something that each person has to deal with and no one can truly prepare you for it but if you are still alive you can learn to deal with it.
Every day Congress is in session we lose a little bit more of our Liberty.
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