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My wife and I bought an OCAT laser training system. Far more sophisticated than the Laserlyte but is is more money. The system works with both laser and live fire. We sell concealed carry holsters and accessories for women and will be using it as part of presentations and in conjunction with classes at which we participate.

It's $495 for the basic laser training system which includes a LaserAmmo SureStrike set to which they added additional caliber adaptors. Out of the box it covers 9,40, 45 and 223. That alone is a $200 set so really the OCAT software and hardware package is $295. To that we added a .38 cartridge for use with our snubbies.

We just recently got it set-up. There's a lot to learn - it's feature rich. The system was developed by software guys who are primarily shooters themselves. We met them at a gun show in Colorado Springs where they're based. My wife asked if they were working on a golf version and they said no...they're shooters :-). They are working on adding moving target capacity and said they hope to have it available in fall with their goal being a moving target system for under $1,000.

If considering it you need to know that while it will work on 32 bit computers it really needs a 64 bit system with 4 gb of memory. Ideally that's in a fairly dedicated system as it takes a whole heap o' system resources to function properly. Fortunately these days a capable 64 bit laptop can be bought used or refurbished for less than $400.

From the time we've had with it so far it's really outstanding - but again there's a lot to learn and we've just scratched the surface. We need to get that dedicated laptop I mentioned for it to work to its best.

You might check it out.
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