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Do you recall about 20 years ago Daisy had a laser target system. It was a lot cheaper, but I never got one back then. If I recall correctly, under $100 got you six cartridges and a target. Big drawback, in my opinion was the inability to adjust point of impact of the laser beam.

Keep in mind that there are two Laserlyte designs. One goes in the chamber and is activated by the firing pin strike. This requires one for every caliber you shoot and multiple if you want double-tap capability with a revolver. The other is sound-activated, goes in the barrel and fits multiple calibers.

The targets used with either design are the same.

I saw the Laserlyte system in a Sportsman's Warehouse a couple of weeks ago, so I started thinking again. I hesitated to buy because the light and the target added up to fully half the cost of a new gun. So, I decided to do some research.

Apparently, the Laserlyte device (the one where the laser device is in the barrel and activated by the sound of the hammer/striker falling) is the only one that works with revolvers without having one laser cartridge for each chamber. A big plus for me, especially since I shoot a variety of guns, 9mm, 45 ACP, .357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and 45 Colt mostly and my friend has a 500 S&W and his wife, a 380 Auto. The one Laserlyte could fit all these guns.

A large minority of reviews were unfavorable for a couple of reasons.

There is no off switch and the batteries drain over time. Taking the end piece off is difficult because of the very tiny and shallow threads which are very easy to cross-thread.

Sometimes the laser seems to stay on at a low level constantly, draining the batteries even faster.

Sometimes the sound-actuation quits working.

The caliber adaptation plug on the end should be easier to adjust.

On the good side,

It does not stick out the front of your gun all that far, so in most cases allows the use of your regular holster.

It is the only system that reasonably adapts to revolvers.

Their replacement policy under warranty is pretty good.

I want one. I just want a little more durability, and maybe point of impact adjustment.

I am composing an email to the company suggesting some improvements; the sound-activated device could install in a revolver in the forcing cone. It would be activated not by sound, but by impact from or electrical contact with a rod in the center of a dummy cartridge. Such a cartridge & rod would be simple and cheap enough to have one in every chamber.

Good luck.

Lost Sheep

p.s. Danxyz53, I wondered when I watched Laserlyte's videos if reflective targets would work as well. Thanks for doing the field work to answer my question. After I read your post I suddenly thought that if you made targets with rings of colored reflective tape or paint (green for a center dot, red for a ring around the center, blue for a ring of larger diameter around the red ring and yellow beyond that) you could have quite a shooting gallery with easy scoring.
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