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Remember we are talking about head shots here so there is no way the brain will not be damaged.
And your were doing so well.

Utter nonsense. I have no time to write a 50 paragraph post on why this is ridiculous, but many many folks have been sot in the noodle without brain damage. Head damage, sure, but the brain was left intact. In addition, many folks have been shot in the head and suffered brain trauma but lived, and in many cases did not even loose conciousness. Our recent wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan leave us with documented instances of human beings suffering head injuries from flying debris, shrapnel, bullets etc. and staying in the fight. Do not be foolish enough to assume some criminal will not stay in the fight as well. He may also be wired for sound on some central nervous system stimulant which could keep him going with massive damage.

A small point, but whoever posted about the Hypothalamus, that part controls the four F's. The four F's are Fight, Flight, Food and Sex.

I have no idea why they call it the four F's, as you can see, one of the instinctual functions does not even start with an F. One of those weird scince things.
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