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I think there is such a thing as stopping power and I think there is such a thing as knockdown power, too, only nothing comes with a guarantee that it is. Which is a problem.

Naturally there's more to it than that and, sometimes, less. I for one do not distinguish very much the difference between 9mm and .45 ACP, by which I mean they are both about the same as far as actually shooting them, if the pistols are pretty close. And I certainly can't tell the difference between a hollow point and a full metal jacket when I shoot them, or even a hard cast lead, for those that like to go that route. But those two hardly exhaust the possibilities.

I've just been looking at a .40 pistol, a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to handgun calibers. I'm thinking seriously because it is in a model I've been thinking about for a few months, only which is expensive when new. I'd rather have a 9mm but at something like 55% of a new one, I will considered the alternatives. Except for one thing.

A .40 S&W cartridge is a high pressure load, relative to a .45 ACP. That is something that makes a .45 auto not so hard to shoot. Yet I learn that a 9mm operates at pretty much the same pressure and I've been shooting 9mm handguns for the last 40 years and I've never had a problem. Maybe I'm worried about nothing, just like I don't worry about stopping power.
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