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But where are the other passengers? Can I safely or ethically open fire?

..........Then again, if I were seated at the near end to where they enter, I have a potential to be immediately enveloped if I do something to draw attention, such as drawing a weapon. BG's all around; bad to begin with, but now I might have to fire in all directions while under immediate physical attack. Once again, can I really avoid putting other passengers at high degree of risk?

Now, am I going to submit to a beating? Probably not. No telling where that would go...............
OK, you're shining light on the subject from different angles and considering different possibilities. I guess my lack of understanding is with those for whom the only angle under consideration is best how to surrender.

There's no telling where that would go for me in that situation, either, but surrendering my wallet along with my weapon would be way down on the priority list. And, yes, being passive can be the best option, also----depending on the situtation.

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