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I bought one of those 10 x Bushnell Elite 3200 Mildots once.I found the great big target turrets did not repeat,which defeated the scope for me.I have another Elite 4000 that is a good scope
The 300 Savage is a fine hunting round,but what are your varmint expectations?My 6x by 42 mm Leu sees well enough to shoot the diamonds on a sight in target at 300 yds .
I don't know what the quality of a Weaver K-4 or K-6 is these days,but they do offer a steel tube Classic K-4 right now.
Variables are fine if you need them,but kraigwy knows what he is talking about.The 4x was the standard of big game scopes for many years.It worked.
I set a woman up with a Leupold fixed 4x on a Sav 99 in 300 Sav once.Those scopes have a 12 in duplex.I think we zero'd at 150 yds,and I told her if the deer's body was as big as the duplex,or nearly,just shoot it.If it was much smaller,get closer.She got her deer.
You would be surrised how well a quality 6x can see.A 5.5 ACOG sees pretty well.

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