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Deer to 200 yards????

Any good 4X scope will work. I use a Weaver 4X on my Model 70 in 270. I'd never hunt that far but I have hit gongs to 1400 yards. If I miss (and I do) it isn't the scopes fault its because I screw up the wind calls.

I taught Sniper Schools using the M1C/D using the 2.2X M-82 scopes. We had no problems on our 1100 yard range, except, again, when we screwed up our wind or other environment calls.

200 yards isn't very far, I'd recommend a low power scope because you are going to get a larger field of view which I think is more important then power for hunting. Also for the same quality scope, you'll have better light gathering abilities with the lower power scopes.
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