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Eric: I've taken the Lindell method, both at LFI-2 and at

No, I won't describe the methods in an open forum. And as with many such things, it would be particularly hard to describe anyways. Bad guys practice disarms in jail and I have no intention of helping them.

If you are in the Boston area and can show me that you are a card-carrying good guy (e.g., have a CCW permit), I'll demonstrate some of the methods to you. You are correct that the methods use leverage, so a small person can retain the gun during an attack from a gorilla, provided they use the appropriate technique and perform it correctly.

I will say that there is a disadvantage to the Lindell system -- mainly that it is prescriptive. You have to learn a number of different techniques and use the correct technique for the given type of attack.

According to Ayoob, a number of police officers have used the Lindell methods successfully in the field. I will say that just taking LFI-2 or a 1 day retention class will not be enough to really learn the techniques. You'll need to get a training partner and train to do them instinctively.

The Hamilton method claims to be simpler, but I haven't been trained in it yet. The Hamilton technique is also destructive, which may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending upon the circumstance. I hope to take the Hamilton this fall.


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