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langenc: Whatever location you pick for the address for the FFL is subject to
'inspection' at the whim of the inspector.. day, night, Christmas or whenever they feel like it.
Honestly, I don't know where some of this stuff comes from.

ATF is limited BY LAW to ONE compliance inspection per YEAR. While they are not required to announce the inspection, it MUST be done during the business hours as submitted by the licensee. So ", night, Christmas or whenever they feel like it..." is complete and utter internet hogwash.

If the compliance inspection discovers that the licensee has significant errors in his recordkeeping or has failed to follow procedures or regulations, then ATF is allowed to conduct followup compliance inspections to ensure that the licensee is complying with the law.

By applying for a Federal Firearms License, the applicant agrees to cooperate with ATF & other law enforcement agencies when a criminal investigation requires information in the possession of the FFL (4473's and his bound book). No warrant is required and refusal to cooperate would be grounds for revocation of the license.

FFL's enjoy the EXACT same rights as every other citizen, namely the Fourth Amendment- protection from unreasonable search & seizure. Which means ATF cannot kick down your door and shoot your dog without a warrant or reasonable cause. They don't care what is in the FFL's sock drawer or buried under the front porch.
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