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Weapon retention is so hard for speed demons

Oh well, it happened again this year at the local 3 gun match.
Near the end of stage 1, twin Glock shooter re-holstered primary handgun, drew BUG. Stoppppp. Primary pistol fell to the ground with partially expended 33 round magazine. We in the back all dived for cover. It turned out he was shooting for world records in re-holstering.
Last year, shooter with 1911 race gun drew with lightning speed, but we didn't hear any shot fired. Instead, the highly-tuned and super customized race gun sailed 6 feet through the air, but stopped short of the closest target.
Beware of the man with two guns, one in each hand. He may be either the disciple of Chow Yun Fat or the reincarnation of Ed McGivern.
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