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Take your reading glasses along...

Final stage, last shooter of the day, and doing better than I've ever done in the division, and get the signal to "load and make ready".

Draw Sig, draw mag, shove mag up the well, grab slide, rack and sling. Halfway it jams. Grab and rack again. Still jams.

Aw, futz.

Eject mag. Clear malfunction. Pickup the offending round and shove in opposite pocket. Insert another cartridge into mag. Reinsert into Sig, rack; chambers fine. 3.58 seconds later, the match is in the history books.

My Sig doesn't screwup like that. Never has. It does, however, when you can't read the caliber on the cartridge that you picked up on the previous stage after "unload and show clear" - and the cartridge is just a hair larger than your 9mm (.40 cal).

Watch what you pickup after "unload and show clear" - make sure it's your caliber before mixing it in a jacket pocket with extra rounds to top off with! If that malfunction had happened during the stage, it would have been ugly in more ways than one!
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