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Where in Keith's writings did you see reference to buying felt hats and lubing?

In "Sixguns" and in "Hell, I Was There", the only mention I saw was a target shot where the annotation was "greased wad", or "lubed wad". I will admit I may have missed it, but I have read them several times each.

It has been said that Colt did load pistols, slather loose powder over the chamber mouths, and fire without chain fires. likewise, he loaded, spilled powder around the nipples and caps, and fired all rounds without any chain fires, either.

Advertising license?

I have never read anywhere, until the craze hit the US that you should use any lube to seal chambers from chain fire. A ball that has a good ring of lead shaved when you ram it is NOT going to leave a channel for fire to touch off an adjacent chamber, Wayner's objection aside that he has shaved them a bunch and can still see light alongside.

I should qualify that by saying that the 500 balls I bought, cast, are so pi+s poor a piece that they are from .451 across the OD, to .471, if you put your caliper on the high and low of the parting. Haven't rammed any of those yet. if I get 2 partial rings, will either slather good or remelt them.


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