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I definitely go get the gun grease.

I just want to clarify, Is galling, wearing? Meaning it's not just rough up the surface, if not grease properly, it will wear out the slide rail really fast, much more so than aluminum frame.

If I buy another gun today, I definitely go for polymer guns. I am a true believer of polymer, I am sure it's stronger than aluminum. Like in my other post, I am sure if the alcohol locking cap were aluminum, I would have cracked it and removed it in a minute. Those polymer bounce back to shape after being compressed, aluminum alloy cracks, you just cannot make aluminum flex. I remember in the military test on Sig P226 long time ago, the aluminum frame rail cracked after a few thousand rounds. They chose the Beretta F92 instead. For durability, definitely steel, just heavy. I am keeping the 659.

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