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I'm doing something I seldom if ever do here. I'm skipping over the other responses.

I might be moving in a year (due to the COVID caused recession, I've put off my job search in VA by a year, I'd hate to be hired, have things get worse, and be 1st on the list for layoffs due to being new).
You mention being a teacher....
I would give long hard thought to the direction your profession is going to be headed in the next few years.
I don't know how much time you have in so far, but, you have to look down the road towards your future & your ultimate retirement.
It's hard to ull out a crystal ball and look in it - but - it is easy to see what direction teaching is headed.
On-line schooling was beginning to make inroads over the last 10 years. The Covid is going to force more and more of that to happen. On-line schooling is huge in other countires. My daughter in law teaches Chinese students English over the internet as a part time way of earning money. She could make far more doing that instead of here regular classrom teaching job (she teaches thrid grade) - but - there are no benifits & no teachers retirement fund.

Anyhow - if it's a cash flow problem you're having - I can ask her for some details about the Chinese kids & PM them to you. She's told me before they are in constant need of people & they pay fairly well.

Having said that - I'll repeat my suggestion for selling anything:
Do I like it - yes or no?

If the answer is - no - it's gone in a heartbeat.
If the answer is - yes- then my next question is:
How much will it cost to replace it?

Using my own LCP as an example,,,,I like it, but, I don't love it.
I' look at the Pico & I like it better.
I may or my not replace my LCP with one.

Anyhow - good luck with what's going on.
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