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I'm a CZ guy. Rami/PCR/early 85. Keep the PCR. That is a gun I'd never forgive myself if I sold it.

The PCR stays because its, well, a PCR. Keep the full size 75 because its a full size 75 and a modern classic
Most likely, the compact that stays will be the PCR. The main question is PCR and 75 Compact, PCR and P01 (despite functionally being the same gun) or just the PCR. I know I put out there the possibly keeping the P01 instead of the PCR, and logically I probably should (I have shot and carried it more, and the green finish does make it a little more unique, while mechanically and functionally there is little to no difference), but I had wanted a PCR since they first came out and it took me forever to actually get one.

How do you like your RAMI? It is very likely that if both of the other compact CZs go, I'll end up picking up a RAMI. I don't necessarily need it (the S&W M&P40C fits that size niche very well), but since when has gun buying been only about need? If it was, I wouldn't have ended up with a CZ 75B Compact, P01 and a PCR. The difference here is the RAMI is smaller than the PCR, and in 9mm while my M&P40c is a .40S&W (thus sitting in a slightly different niche than either).

The full size CZ 75B will never be on the chopping block. Hence my CZ 75B Compact being in strong consideration as a sell. With the P01 and PCR it (the Compact) has been used as only a range gun. In that role, the CZ 75B is a better choice being full-sized (the theoretical idea behind the Compact as a range gun is that the training better transfers to the P01 and PCR, but, I can simply shoot those at the range a good deal as well- the size and weight is pretty solid for a 9mm). Also, I've had the 75B full sized for so long, and shot so many rounds through it, that I would never consider parting with it (even if, God forbid, I someday became homeless, it is one of two or three guns I'd try to find a way to keep instead of selling).

1911 - follow your heart and sell both. If you are only going to have 1 it should be a government model.

CZ - keep the PCR 'cause you love it. If you keep another, it should be one you shoot better than the PCR.

Or ... sell the 1911s and the CZs to make room for your new CZ DWX:
On the 1911s, that or keeping the S&W are the most likely. The RIA is easier to shoot in extended range sessions due to the weight though. But it is a RIA (and I have only had it about 5 years) so it is the one I'd be least likely to miss. The S&W is (other than the CZs, because, CZ) the one I'd most likely miss having if I sold it. However, for my uses, I am pretty convinced that I'd be better off with the full-sized gun, only emotion/sentimentality might keep the S&W around.

As for that CZ/DW hybrid DWZ, how can something that comes from two of the best looking pistols on the market be so ugly? How can something so ugly and seemingly odd be so intriguing? Honestly, I could never consider the full-sized version of that, but the compact without a rail isn't too bad. If it was about $700 less, it could be a possibility.
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