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Regarding the 1911s, I would sell both and get a good full-size all-steel one in 45ACP. My full-size series 70 is one of my most accurate handguns. It is a proven battle gun, 100% reliable, and if the world ever really turns to crap all over the place, it is what I will be packing, along with 4 spare magazines, in a nice hi-ride holster. And with the kind of crap I am talking about, you aren't going to give a rip bout your State's carry laws or how heavy it is on your belt. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it will make for a VERY pleasing range gun.
I used to think a 1911 would be my 'if the world went to total crap' gun. Now, I'm thinking two directions... If it is something where carrying is considered acceptable, so size doesn't matter, probably my full sized, and maybe one of my compact CZs. More likely, police would see all of us as threats, especially if armed (see the New Orleans reaction during Katrina), so being as discrete as possible would be prudent (while still emphasizing as much capability as possible). In that situation, I'd likely go with my S&W M&P40c with the 10 round mag loaded (for concealability) and the 15 round as backup. The compact CZs would work for about 2/3 of the year, but once the summer clothes were out, they would be a bit big perhaps. Though, in the second situation, I may go back to a 1911- full size gun (or nearly with a Commander sized gun), the weight allows faster follow up shots, yet it is narrow enough to conceal pretty well (I also have a ton of spare mags and some spare parts).
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