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Although I am personally an avid acolyte of Cheapshooters guidelines for guns I wish you the best.

P.S. I also subscribe to the firearms owner's prayer "Please don't let my spouse sell my guns for what I told them I paid for them."
I rarely sell. A few I've sold and never cared much, but quite a few I regretted after the fact (though, most of those were sold because I needed the money, not so much because I really decided I was better off selling the gun). That is why I've thought this over (off and on) for several years. I actually decided a couple times that it was time, only to change my mind when trying to decide which ones should go. I have a list made of my definite choices, and I know it is time with them. This thread has the ones I really don't know for sure, the ones I'm most likely to regret (whether, in the case of the P250, it is just over the amount I may get vs. a solid, but soulless, gun, or in the case of the 1911s or CZs, guns I really like, but in the case of those 1911s one that doesn't really fit what I need/want anymore, or the CZs, is just too many of essentially the same thing to justify).

As for the second part... I'm not married (came close a few times, still may happen, but I'm happy being single too). I do tell my parents and my brother that, should I pass prematurely (having just turned 50, it would still be a bit prematurely), they should take them to a gun shop and put them on consignment. Don't try to sell on their own (they wouldn't know the laws or the going rates so they may inadvertently get in trouble or get taken), and do not sell to a store outright, ever! Consignment means it will likely be priced at a fair value for the area, and the store shouldn't get more than 20%.
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