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I am the other way 'round.
I am past carrying an all metal pistol for longer than a typical IDPA or USPSA club match, so I prefer full size 1911 and CZ. My old Commander is in honorable retirement, and if somebody shows an interest in my souped up OACP, I will make a deal.

I have slithered all the way down to a Glock 43 and a Ruger LC9s for concealed carry. My Kahr now holds down the fort at this computer desk.
For me, since I can only carry part-time (no MD state CCW permit), I don't need the smaller carry gun. I'm usually only in a state where I can carry for an afternoon, or a weekend trip. Once every year or two, I may go for a week or so. So, something bigger and heavier works fine. Also, I'm there in jeans or khakis (maybe khaki/chino shorts), not athletic wear or a suit/dress slacks, so I don't need something as light and small as possible to avoid printing in the lightweight material. In my case, I prefer to go a little larger and heavier for better functionality over a smaller and lighter, but more concealable, gun. If MD ever goes shall-issue (or if I start a tutoring business and that is self-employed enough by the MD State Police's judgement to award me a CCW permit) or I move and start carrying daily, my choice may change.
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