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Originally Posted by Chaim
I have a first generation S&W 1911PD. Good gun, but a little light when shooting several boxes of .45acp at the range. I also have a RIA Rock Standard CS (steel framed Officer sized gun). It is more comfortable to shoot at the range for extended sessions, but for the first box or two I am a bit more accurate with the 1911PD's 4.25" barrel than the RIA Compact's shorter barrel. The S&W will net more money, though it is the better overall gun. So, I'm not sure which to sell and which to keep.

There is another wrinkle for the 1911s. I have not carried (when in a state where I can carry) a SAO pistol in years. Both of the above were bought to be carry guns, and the considerations about which to keep largely revolve around which is better as a range gun. So, maybe I should sell both and replace them with a full size? While a part of paring back my collection is wanting the cash, a bigger part is wanting a collection that better fits my current needs. So, this seems like a great option. Further, if I sell both, and keep the replacement reasonable (say a Ruger instead of Kimber or Springfield Armory) I could have money left (though I'd likely get a Kimber, which even with the issues some have should be fine for a range gun, or a SA and get the exact version I want).
I'm not really a fan of S&W 1911s, because they use external extractors. That aside, I have owned more Commander-size and Officers ACO-size 1911s than full-size. To me, the Commander is the optimum form factor for the 1911. For me, it balances better than a full-size, and that means it shoots better (for me) than a full-size.

Yes, you could sell both and have enough to buy a Kimber, but why would you do such a thing? A Kimber certainly isn't a better pistol (IMHO) than a S&W. You would probably spend virtually all the money you get for both to buy one Kimber. To me, that's a deal that doesn't make sense. A Commander-size 1911 is a good carry pistol and a good range pistol, so keep the S&W and sell the RIA.

I love CZs, so I have ended up with a full sized CZ 75B, a CZ 75B Compact, a P01 and a PCR. Having all of the last 3 just doesn't seem to make sense. I always wanted a PCR, but for a while they were hard to find (at least around here). I ended up settling on a P01 so I could have one. I never warmed to it (mainly because it was an alternative to the gun I really wanted). Then a year or two later, I got (over about a week) the Compact and the PCR. Now, I love the P01 (mine is also a little different as it is green). I have shot it more than the PCR, and carried it more (when in a carry state) so it may actually make more sense to be the one I keep. But I always wanted a PCR, and love my PCR, and I'd hate to be upset if I part with it. The Compact probably makes the most sense to be the one I get rid of, it is better at the range, but I have the full-size for that. However, I'm not sure how much sense it makes to have both the P01 and PCR when I'm trying to streamline my collection a bit, one or the other and the Compact make more sense (they are more differentiated) if I keep two.
I really can't help you here. I love the CZ-75 Compact, so that's the one I would keep. Your affections lean in a different direction.
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