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These people saying the 40 is "too big" clearly haven't held or carried one. I have the Glock 35 and compared to a 17/22, there is no discernible difference in how they feel being carried, it's simply a 1 inch longer slide. Same applies to the 40 vs the 20.

Speaking of the Glock 34/35 and the 40, Glock uses 3.5 lb trigger connectors in their long slide pistols. I'm not sure if they did this for Gen 3 34/35's, but they do it in the Gen 4's, so can't say it's a Gen 4 only thing. The result is a nicer trigger and when I went shooting with my Uncle years ago he had tried a Glock back in the 90s and noted that he didn't think the triggers were all that good, then he tried my 35 and said that it shot and felt a lot better than he remembered a Glock feeling.

Back to the 20 vs 40, if this is a woods gun that to me means and open carry gun and if it's an open carry gun then concealment isn't the desire, it's effect. The 40 is simply more effective because it is easier to shoot and has more velocity.

That said, is the 40 worth the $700 it typically sells for vs a used 20 for $500? I'm having trouble answering that myself.
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