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I' right along with the OP 100%. There is simply nothing new and exciting out there in the gun world. Lots of same-old same-old mid to low end guns that hold no interest for me. And, I don't want a bunch of dusty antiques. Here are some gun ideas that would excite me:

1. Bren Ten D&D Clone priced at $1,000 or less
2. New line of Swiss made, steel/stainless steel Sphinxes.
3. S&W 627 (8-shot .357) with options like fluted barrel, brushed or polished finishes, and different barrel lengths. Holly crap, how easy would that be?
4. Kimber K6 in a brushed stainless finish with some polished highlights;
5. CZ 75B in 10mm - real blued, not painted
6. Desert Eagle Micro 44 (Just kidding.......well maybe not)
7. 308 Bullpup with rotating, high capacity tube magazines.
8. How about something that boasts of beautiful machining and fancy metal-work (not engraving!)
9. How about a new HK P7M13 in stainless steel.
10. Or a Walther PPK in 9mm +P+ (real 9mm, not that .380 stuff)

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