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XPR Trigger adjustment

I was adjusting my xpr trigger tonight and thought I would share results.

The moa trigger on my XPR is a pretty good 3 lever trigger, I believe. In the directions, it says that pull weight can be lowered to 3lbs and then the screw will drop out....IT WILL NOT.

That is kind of true. I got mine down to 2.75 lbs.

At around 2.75lbs or below, the spring doesn’t have enough force to reset the actuator solidly. This results in a very crisp and light pull that is irregular and sometimes slips off the sear......THIS IS REALLY DANGEROUS! You need to make sure the pull weight screw is screwed in far enough to consistently reset the actuator against the sear. When that happens everytime, you have minimum pull weight. That was not at all clear in the directions!

What is your experience?
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