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I know nothing if chronos but lighting, specifically led lighting is my main hobby; what are the requirements other than flicker free?
I.e. What direction does the light enter the sensor? How many sensors? If more than 1 sensor do they both need the same light source or is multiple sources ok (you mention 2 glow sticks so i assume individual point sources are ok?)
There are two sensors. One at the front and one at the rear. As far as I know, the chrono measures a break in light reception at the front sensor as the projectile passes over it and then does the same at the rear one and measures the time difference giving the velocity.

Buy a Magnetospeed or Labradar and that’ll solve your light problems.
Spending a small fortune on a new piece of kit when I have something that works already is not what I had in mind.

If I manage to put a round through my chrono, then sure, but until then....
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