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Richard White was the man who stood up and drew against the shooter. He was the first man shot and was a member of the security team. I certainly commend him for his bravery--drawing while looking at the muzzle of a shotgun took a lot of guts. Unfortunately he had to clear two cover garments to make his draw, and that slowed his draw considerably and perhaps cost him his life. It also appears that he was carrying his gun SOB which may have accounted for why he stood to draw.

From the time he started to take action--started to stand up--until he was shot, about 4 seconds elapsed. He had his gun out, but was shot before he could get it pointed at the shooter.

Mr. White died during transport.

Tony Wallace, as nearly as I can tell, was not a member of the security team. He was a deacon in the church. He was the second man shot and died later in the hospital. Mr. Wallace's daughter can be heard on the video in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and can be seen in the video running to his side after he was shot. It is very sad, but it could have been so much worse.
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