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Steiner T5xi vs Zeiss Conquest V6

Looking for input on these scopes. Steiner T5xi 3-15x50 w/34mm main tube FFP. And the Zeiss Conquest 3-18x50 w/30 mm main tube SFP. Also open to other options in that price range.
Scope will live on a Remington 700 AAC-SD 20” .308 used to get into long range shooting. Local range goes out to 600 yards. Will eventually be looking to get out past that on a couple friends/family properties. Not interested in competition shooting. I could end up hunting with it, but the main purpose is to learn to make correct windage and bullet drop adjustments with a given load and learn to shrink group sizes over time with said load. I don’t reload, but I might eventually. I know this will help group sizes a lot and I may also wind up doing other things to the rifle to help with group sizes too. But for now I would like some unbiased help on glass for the rig. Thanks in advance!

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