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Beretta 92FS and my Griffin Rev45 !

So after much research I never gave much thought to suppressing my 92FS and i've owned it for about 3 years now. Never knew that the 92's are excellent suppressor hosts. So found a guy on GB selling new take off threaded barrels for 92's. I have the Griffin Armament Revolution 45 can and ideally it was born for .45 acp , but after some end cap swapping now it's also good for 9mm. I handload both 9mm full house loads and I load 147 gr 9mm subs previously for my Uzi model B. I purchased the Wolff recoil spring kit figuring I would have cycling issues with subs. Well to my delight the 92FS runs my subs flawlessly so no need to tune the recoil spring ! Obviously my supersonic ammo runs perfect as well. My only issue moving forward is the need for better sighting. I shoot small steel silhouette animals at 25 meters at my gun club and really struggled to achieve hits. No big deal as I have a Vortex dot that i'm not using so I ordered a mount and will try a dot. I generally don't like dots on suppressed handguns because the elevated gas blowback dirties the dot glass very quickly (at least this is the case with my FNX45T ) but to the Beretta's credit I seem to notice less gas blowback than my FNX so maybe i'll have better luck with a dot on the Beretta. Had a lot of fun , the Beretta feels great in the hands with a can ! Love those 147gr subs, they are dam near "hollywood quiet" ! Very impressed and wish I had not waited so long to try this !

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