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I've been recently watching many of the Amazon Prime Video gun documentaries well commentated by historian Ian McCollum and they had an awesome segment "Iconic guns" on the complete development of the M1 Garand (involving history prior to the development of the actual M1). I never knew that John Garand was trying hard to convince the US Military to use the .276 Pederson instead of the 30-06.
Not only that, but the initial .276 prototype he submitted was designed with a 20-rd box magazine, 'sorta like' an M14 but looking more like an M1.

That was the first aspect of the weapon the Ordinance Dept rejected, believing detachable mags would encourage troops to shoot carelessly and waste ammo. So they asked JCG to modify the rifle with a top-loading, clip-fed system that held less ammo, which he did.

The modified M1 he next submitted for testing was a 10-rd clip-fed .276 rifle.

The Ordnance Dept. really liked it and ran with it, right up until the day then-Chief of Staff Douglas McArthur vetoed the .276 Petersen cartridge entirely and ordered JCG's proposed gas-powered, clip-fed, semi-auto rifle to be chambered in 30-06 and nothing else.

Hatcher's 'Book of the Garand' covers all this. Bruce Canfield's more recent tome, 'The M1 Garand Rifle,' covers all the history, political intrigue, and drama behind of the rifle's adoption in much greater detail. Just FYI.

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