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My trip is here (I'm leaving in 30-40min), so in a few hours (once I'm out of MD and PA) through Sunday I'll be carrying my Taurus 856UL (aluminum) in a Simply Rugged Pocket Protector pocket holster or ankle holster (I'm bringing both) and my Colt King Cobra (new model) IWB in a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake with the IWB straps. When I'm actually visiting with family, I'll only have the Taurus in my Maxpedition bag (which it is traveling in so I can easily move it from the trunk to taking it with me on stops once I enter OH), in the ankle holster, or in the pocket holster (probably the pocket or ankle holster, which one depends upon how my cold is doing and whether I need to carry Kleenex in the pocket the gun would go in). The Colt's holster is IWB but not tuckable, and since I don't know my family members' who I am visiting position on guns and carry I want to be as discrete as possible.
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