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I haven't been carrying anything the past couple weeks*. I live in MD, I don't have one of the few jobs where you can reasonably get a CCW permit here (business owner, pharmacist, cop, judge, possibly lawyer), and it has been busy at work (the weeks before winter break always are) so I haven't been anywhere I can carry on my UT non-resident permit in a while. However, break just started so I will be in WV, DE and VA a lot over the next two weeks, and in about a week I'll be in OH for several days visiting family I haven't seen in 20 years.

So, I will be carrying a few in the near future. Mostly my CZ PCR and P01 on my day trips to WV, VA and DE, and I may take my S&W 625MG at least once since I can while in winter clothing. However, when I go to OH, I will be considering that I don't know my cousins' views on guns. I will probably not ask, but it probably is safe to assume they don't like them. Most of my mom's side of the family is quite liberal, and one cousin is Wiccan, so liberal and likely anti-gun is a safe assumption. However, I really don't know, and I don't think I'll bring it up in conversation, so I will probably go smaller to be more discrete. I'm not 100% sure which of my smaller options I'll go with, or how small I'll go. I may go with my .38spl Taurus 856UL, or my 9mm SIG P290RS. However, if I need it, and I'm facing someone wearing heavy winter clothing I don't want to rely on hollow point expansion for effectiveness, especially when carrying a smaller gun with low capacity. I am a fan of rounds that don't rely on a HP for effectiveness in the winter so I still have a reasonable chance should it not expand and I'll be pretty far north so I assume most people will be wearing heavy layers (more so than when I'm in VA). So, I may take my .357mag Colt King Cobra (loaded with SWC-HP), my S&W M&P40c, or my Officer sized Rock Island Armory 1911 Rock Standard CS (I don't generally carry SA pistols with an external safety anymore, but I do sometimes make an exception in the winter for a .45ACP 1911, and my Officer sized 1911 is smaller, though heavier, than my .45ACP SIG P250 Compact).

Whichever guns I pick, they will be carried in a strong side IWB holster of one variation or another (most are IWB tuckable, many are hybrid). The SIG P290 or Taurus 856 might be carried IWB or in a pocket holster (and if I bring one of them with me to OH, I'll probably bring both an IWB and a pocket holster so I can choose whichever seems most appropriate at the time). The 625MG does sometimes ride in a Galco Summer Comfort IWB, but usually in a nice, carved, OWB holster from Black Hills Leather.

*I haven't even carried a knife and/or pepper spray much (I'm a teacher and can't bring any kind of weapon to work). When going out in the evenings, I do often carry a knife, which one varies, and pepper spray (I like the gel, less likely to come back at you if hit by a breeze), but most of the time, if I go somewhere lately, it has been while on my way home so I couldn't stop to pick up one of my knives and/or pepper spray.

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