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My bad. I should have said that $30 price was the price AFTER the rebate was applied. Before rebate it was around $42.50. (Round numbers)

Yup. I did the rebate thing and I must say I've encountered easier ways to get money back from a company. (The current Coors beer rebate is a snap by comparison, that is a long as you don't consume too much of the product before trying to submit the rebate.)

I did the online thing and with the photographs of everything. Got to use up ALL my photographic skills and got to use words I haven't used since long ago I tried to re-roof my house. (Thumbs, fingers and knees hurt just thinking about it.)

They give you a rebate code and allow you to check on the rebate and last time I did they were considering it. Guess we'll see.

P.S. The photography thing. They want the sales receipt (ok), the UPC codes from the boxes (ok) and then pictures of the FRONT and the SIDE of the box (??). I think I did that but they just might get huffy and say I photographed the TOP of the box instead of the Front. Well now. If they're THAT picky I'll mutter bad things about them under my breath.
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