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That sounds to me like a useless gadget. So you zero the rifle at 100yds and second zero move's the zero to 530 yds? What do you have to do if the target is a 438 yds? Or say 357 yds? I think IMO every body would be better off learning to shoot long range by adjusting turret's to known positions at known ranges. The farther off the trget, the more time you have to move the turret's. But Second Zero will tell you where to aim at some other range but not the ranges in between. They will probably sell a million of them!

Imagine you have it on your 30-06 using a 150gr load. But tomorrow your gonna take your 25-06 with 100 gr loads. So to get 530 zero you take the gadget off your 30-06 and put it on the 25-06? I don't think that's gonna work very well but it is a gadget!
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