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Although it sounds counter-intuitive, .300 BLK does well with target scopes because there is such a wide range of flight profiles depending on what you are shooting.

Just the difference between a flatbase 220 and a boattail 220 can cause you to miss a 10” plate at 250yds.

If you are going to use a red dot, you really need to standardize on a single load (or maybe one subsonic and one supersonic and memorize the click adjustment between the near zeroes for each)

As for Second Zero, I’m dialing 1.5-1.6 mil up at 50yds to go from 110gr TTSX zero to a 50yd zero for 208gr AMAX or 220gr SMKs. So I don’t think being able to instantly shift 4.3 MOA or 11.5 MOA will be all that useful for supersonic to subsonic.

Also, I’ve found an 85yd zero to be a noticeably better solution for both supersonic and subsonic .300; but I still use a 50yd zero just because I don’t want to recalculate all the data I’ve gathered around the 50yd zero.

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