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Forgot to mention my 300 Blackout uses a red dot (the Sig Romeo more specifically). The max range I push my subsonics are usually 75-100 yds and 200 yds with supersonics. I'd like my supersonic rounds zeroed at 100 yards and subsonic rounds zeroed at 50 yards. I'm trying to figure out what that MOA difference would be between those two zeros and, hopefully, the Second Zero has an offering around that MOA number. Should be easy to figure out, just need to go to the range for some data gathering with some boxes of ammo of each.

It doesn't have to be exact, though that would be ideal. If I get a Second Sight that makes my new hold over when I swap ammo 1-3 inches instead of 7-8 inches, that's a win.

Or I could "prioritize" one over the other. Say I shoot subsonic ammo more often. Then I would make the zero (using the Second Sight folded up) 50 yards and just accept whatever zero distance the supersonic rounds are when the second sight is folded down, even if it's 75 yards.

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