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I call BS.

Even if not BS, and you actually did such, you violated Federal law by not verifying the serial number of the firearm(s) being transferred.

But back to the BS side...
Shipping boxes, no matter who shipped them, almost NEVER have anything but the buyer's name on the label (if that). You can't get their contact information without opening the package. You can't get a serial number without opening the package.

You got ya some x-ray specs there? Used a bore scope? Called every "Jacob Adler" in the phone book until one said, "Um ... uh... sure, that's my gun..." ...?
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
I said I let the customer open the box. That done the gun went on the book. Sheese is that too complicated. Box comes in, they were normally UPS. Unless I saw any outward signs of damage I called the guy who was having the gun shipped. They got to open the box and once they opened the box the gun went on the book. The gun, other than recording in my log book was not mine to handle. The customer I was doing the transfer for completed the 4473 and left with their gun. This was early/mid 90s. How I handled a transfer was just that way and yes, of course the gun went on the book. Get a clue before you cry BS when someone says something. The dealer is handling a transfer and that is all the dealer is doing. Gun goes in book logged in and gun goes out, just about that quickly.
1. I agree, RARELY is the buyer/transferees name on the outside of the box.
2. ATF regulations require you to log that firearm into your bound book by close of business the next day.
3. If the buyers name is not on the do you know who to call and come open the box?
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