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Originally Posted by reloadron
When I handled transfers similar to what you described I never even opened the box. Box would come off the UPS truck, I sign for box and had a shelf devoted to such boxes. I would call the customer, identify myself and just say your package is here. I would never ever open the box. I do a transfer and that's it. My liability ends when you take the still sealed box from my paws. This way any issues remain between you and the seller or the carrier but not me. Safety Checks is a new one on me. All I am doing is a transfer which consist of exactly what the name implies.
I call BS.

Even if not BS, and you actually did such, you violated Federal law by not verifying the serial number of the firearm(s) being transferred.

But back to the BS side...
Shipping boxes, no matter who shipped them, almost NEVER have anything but the buyer's name on the label (if that). You can't get their contact information without opening the package. You can't get a serial number without opening the package.

You got ya some x-ray specs there? Used a bore scope? Called every "Jacob Adler" in the phone book until one said, "Um ... uh... sure, that's my gun..." ...?
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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