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Probably the all around best gun refinisher is APW-Cogan, and their hard chrome is probably the best available.

Here's other hard chrome suppliers that are known to do top of the line work.
Each has different pricing and options.
Final finish ranges from the original "orange peel" pearl-gray, to a brushed stainless steel look, to a full mirror finish.
At least one also offers plating inside the bore.
Most have brand names for their chrome plating, but it's all hard chrome.

Metaloy was owned by Bill Wilson at one time, possible still is.

Tech Plate is big in the aerospace industry and offers about any finish there is.

Mahovsky does hard chrome cheaper then most anyone and has had a very good reputation in the past.
However, there's been a few questions about the quality in the last few years from some customers, and his communication sometimes isn't great, phone or email.

First choice is Cogan. He has a better reputation then anyone.
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