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Faux M41B Swedish sniper

Several years back I got a great deal on a Swedish M96. It is not a total mixmaster...bolt and bolt components, receiver, and buttplate match. Floorplate, barrel bands and bolt release do not. Bore is great.

My cheap camera can't quite capture the bore's shine.

I never really shot it much, but here is 5 rounds of the PPU 120gr "target ammo" @ 100 yards shot with iron sights right after I got it.

A few months ago I decided to convert one of my M96's into a Swedish sniper rifle for use in the CMP vintage sniper rifle matches. This one got the nod. I bought an Accumount repro scope mount and sent it to a trusted gunsmith. He is fairly busy and it took some months for him to complete the job. In the mean time I got a smoking deal on a real Swedish M41B sniper rifle, but that is a different story.

After he completed the job, he sent me several pictures of the rifle and I must admit, it came out looking good.

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