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The Pentagon doesn't get to decide that kind of stuff. Nor would it be announced in an on-line NRA magazine. Those decisions are very decidedly political and would not be made without input by NATO Allies.
And nowhere in that article does it say anybody is "Moving" anywhere. It simply says the busy work for senior officers in looking at 6.8mm calibre projectiles.
"...300m isn’t the average..." It is in Europe. Mind you, that was based on W.W. II battle fields with no input whatever from the Middle East or anywhere else.
"...medium size machine gun round..." Anything that is not a .50(14.5mm for the Russians) cal. is considered to be Medium or Light. However, it's due to the weight of the gun, not the calibre. The BAR, for example, was a Light MG. The .30 Browning a Medium MG.
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