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...which allows for easy barrel changes in the field. That, in theory, would allow operators to change over to any barrel with a 308-derivative chambering (provided LMT or a sub-contractor made such a barrel).

...can run a fixed or collapsible stock, uses common SR-25 type magazines, and barrels can be had in various lengths from 16"-20", in standard C/L or SS SPR type, depending on the mission specs or the operator's requirements.
These would be fine things, its wonderful when you have a modular weapon, adaptable to virtually any and all mission particulars. Except, when you don't.

There are a few points that need to be considered. #1, There's no free lunch. #2 Murphy is alive and well and still in business.
SO, what are the real world down sides to the idea?
First it when you have a "golf bag" full of different barrels (uppers, assembiles, stocks,) and such so you can fit the weapon to the mission as precisely as possible, SOMEBODY has to carry it.
No, not the operator on the sharp end, he's only carrying one configuration at a time on the mission. But the guys in the support train have to pack it all around (and that means a full set of everything possible for each sharp end troop),
And all those parts not only have to be maintained serviceable, the have to be near enough to the action to be able to be issued. SO, at least part of them have to be forward deployed with the troops, not back at the log base.
This adds cost and complexity to the logistic train. Be sure to figure that into the balance.
So, it sounds like the Brit military is fully capable of fielding the MWS among its troops with no real-world logistical or supply problems ... whereas the American Mil branches are so beset by such concerns that they freeze up worse than the typical Fuddley with 'buck fever' on opening morning at deer camp.

Sad Fuddleys, our guys ... if true.
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